about me
I began studying Electronic Music Production at Conway Sound in August 2016 and completed the program in April 2017. 
This site is dedicated to my continued progress and creative exploration of electronic music. I consider myself a beginner, but feel as though I am growing every day toward reaching my goal of becoming a professional. Ableton is my current DAW of choice; all of my work thus far has utilized it with the addition of two plug-ins - Serum and LFO Tool.  Most of my work is heavily house-influenced, as that seems to be my favorite genre; however, I enjoy mixing it up with elements of trip hop, electronica, and even video game soundtracks.

I have also recently begun taking DJ lessons at Global DJ Academy located here in lovely downtown Denver, CO.  So far, it's been great fun and I can't wait to become even somewhat proficient at the many skills involved!

When I'm not jamming out to or creating my own music, you can find me absorbed in a charcoal drawing or with my nose in a book. I love a good live show, hiking a trail with friends, enjoying a brew on a sunny porch, volunteering, and spending time with family.  By day, I am a clinic receptionist - I've enjoyed working in the medical field for almost ten years.

I hope you enjoy the site and thanks so much for stopping by!